Would you like to learn violin, viola, cello or double bass?

Do you play or want to violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar or piano and need help getting better? Would you like to play with others?

Contact the Tutti Music Program to start or continue your journey and have fun!


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Quieres aprender violin, viola, violonchelo contrabajo?

Tocas o quieres aprender a tocar violin, viola, violonchelo, contrabajo, guitarra o piano, necesitas ayuda para mejorar o te gustaría tocar con otros instrumentistas?

Contacta al Programa Musical Tutti para iniciar o continuar tu camino y comenzar a divertirte!



Carolina has been one of the best teachers we have had the pleasure of working with. My daughter wanted to learn the cello but didn’t want to learn to play only classical music. Carolina was the perfect choice for us. Her eclectic style and passion for all types of music made my daughter’s lessons fun and enjoyable. I’ve always had to motivate and encourage my daughter to practice her music, but I’ve never had to tell her to practice her cello. Carolina has led her along at a steady pace that is not overwhelming, yet it is still challenging. Carolina is patient and teaches her students from the ground up, giving them a solid foundation in skills and theory. Her motto, “Go slow to go fast,” has become my motto as well, and I’m constantly reinforcing that concept to my kids. She is extremely professional and manages her program at the highest level of excellence. I can’t say enough good things about Carolina. We are blessed to have her as one of our instructors.” - Anika, Mother at the Tutti Music Program

What is offered:  

Weekly Private Lessons. Offered in English and/or Spanish  

Weekly, bi-monthly or customized group classes for string players(duos,trios,quartets)to fit parents and students needs. Offered in English and/or Spanish  

---Instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano and guitar 

(Piano, double bass and guitar only group lessons)

Multi-genre instruction for every unique student  

Parent Training during lessons (for students under 13 yrs)  

Performance Opportunities  

Access to the Tutti Music Program library(instructional material to practice at home)  

Online lessons available

Que se ofrece:  

Clases semanales. En Español y/o Inglés 

Clases grupales para instrumentistas de cuerda frotada y percutida (duos, trios,cuartetos) semanales, bimensuales o personalizadas para las necesidades de padres y estudiantes. En Español y/o Inglés 

---Instrumentos: violin, viola, cello, contrabajo, piano y guitarra 

(Piano, contrabajo y guitarra: solo clases grupales)

Enseñanza de música multigénero diseñada para cada estudiante

Entrenamiento para padres durante las clases(para estudiantes menores de 13 años)  

Oportunidades para tocar en conciertos  

Acceso a la biblioteca virtual del Programa Musical Tutti(material de aprendizaje para practicar en casa)  

Clases en línea disponibles