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Music is the common denominator for this group of eclectic Afro-descendant musicians from Colombia and Canada. The band offers a unique musical experience with original compositions inspired by the African diaspora. 

A wide range of genres including jazz, hip hop and reggae are featured in an experimental mix with African and classical instruments incorporating technology. The band creates electroacoustic collaborative arrangements of traditional music from African descendant communities in the Americas. 

Kombilesa Asé will take you on a journey around the world. Diversity is reflected and celebrated in their music. 


Carolina Borja-cello, vocals 

 Obediya Wonderful Jones-Darrell- cuatro, percussion, electronics

 Linda Thomas-Jones(AKA Mama Fasi)-percussion, vocals(retired)

La Villa Hispana Orgullo Latinx  award winner music video on the 2020 KinoDrome International Motion Picture and ScreenPlay 

Best Music Videography + Best Mid-short Made in Ohio

It was like listening to angels”

— A concert attendant-November 2017

I liked how she sang her grandmother’s songs. They were like a story and so fun to listen to. ”

Second Grader about Carolina Borja's Voice

Honorable mention at the Short Sweet Film Festival

Honorable mention at the Short Sweet Film Festival


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